Read how an international telecom operator reduced churn, attracted new customers, and protected against current and emerging fraud attacks.

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Benefits at a glance: 

  • Increased identity assurance levels of existing customers during high-risk processes.

  • Less fraud, better reputation and trust in the ecosystem, and no fines from regulators.

  • More sales conversions and better customer life cycle management.

  • Streamlined digital onboarding of new customers in all channels including assisted onboarding in-store for non-digital natives.

  • Seamless eSIM issuance and portability support.

  • Better authentication experiences for verified customers.

 Read the Full Case Study:

“The experience has to work for everyone, and not everyone is a digital
native. So if a customer wants to come into one of our stores, we’ll guide them through the same digital process of scanning their ID documents and taking a selfie. It’s the same strong level of identity assurance in every channel.”

Sample of Daon Public Customers