In this 18-minute read, learn how biometric-based identity assurance is enabling a safer, more prosperous new normal for travelers, workers, students, and spectators.

White Paper: Return to Confidence

In this new guide, you'll learn:

  • How the concept of risk-based safety applies to COVID-19, and what the "new rules of risk" mean for your employees and customers.
  • How to to design and deploy a smart, efficient COVID-19 risk response that's tailored to your organization's needs.
  • The basics of  context-based risk assessment, and the difference between pre-emptive and reactive risk mitigation.
  • 5 criteria for assessing the viability of risk-based safety solutions in the age of COVID-19.
  • 3 questions you should ask when defining your requirements.
  • PLUS: Case studies from leading organizations in travel, hospitality, education, and public safety.

Download the Guide:

"If we had this information, every day, everywhere, in every context, we could reduce much of the fear and uncertainty that allows COVID to disrupt our daily lives and behaviors... Better yet, we could tighten or loosen our security rules, in real time, however conditions on the ground might dictate."

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