In this 9-minute read, learn how liveness detection prevents the spoofing of biometric credentials and which techniques and technologies are most effective...

White Paper: Resilience in the Face of Spoofing

In this practical guide, you'll learn:

  • How to insulate customers from spoofing threats without adversely impacting their experience.
  • How the “platform approach” to liveness detection allows businesses to customize security levels according to use cases and consumer preferences.
  • The differences between common liveness techniques, including eye blink, head movement, smile detection, texture, lighting, bezel detection, digit prompting, replay detection, challenge phrases, and modified behavior detection.
  • How passive liveness algorithms use machine learning to detect subtle differences between genuine and attack data.
  • How emerging fraud vectors are likely to imperil single point solutions, and why resilience over time and the flexibility to easily implement new technologies is paramount.

Download the Guide:

"Market feedback has shown that the less users are aware of a liveness process, the greater their satisfaction."

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