Read how a joint venture of SMFG/SMBC, Daon, and NTT Data ignited the Japanese market for real-time, cross-channel biometric authentication and eKYC...

Case Study: Polarify

Inside you’ll learn how this innovative partnership:

  • Scaled to become a de facto market standard for biometric enabled identity services in Japan.
  • Provides immediate cost savings for any organization experiencing high customer support costs connected to password recovery and reset.
  • Meets e-KYC/AML requirements and eliminates the friction of in-person visits to establish identity.
  • Obviates the expense and complexity of Japanese service providers developing their own biometric authentication and onboarding services.
  • Delivers a future-proof biometric engine that incorporates new technologies as soon as they emerge.

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“We searched the market and examined a number of technology providers, but only Daon offered what we considered to be most important: an ongoing assessment process of biometric technology, which requires a very high level of expertise.”

Tomohiro Wada, CEO of Polarify

Sample of Daon's Public Customers