The Digital Onboarding Imperative

2021 Analyst Report from Goode Intelligence

This 18-minute read is filled with rich data and analysis on why organizations must embrace digital onboarding solutions—and quickly.

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Inside this paper, you'll learn: 

• How to evaluate digital onboarding solutions, with an emphasis on ease of use, availability across major channels, resistance to spoof attacks, alignment with all stages of the customer identity journey, and compatibility with third-party identity checks and data sources.

• How the COVID-driven acceleration of digital transformation projects worldwide has led to more sophisticated, "adaptive" onboarding experiences in digital channels.

• How to ensure compliance with government regulations, in particular Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. 

• How to combat rising levels of identity fraud and account takeovers (ATO).

PLUS: Two instructional case studies that explain how, when, and why to implement a modern, user-centric onboarding solution, and the common mistakes you should avoid.

AND: Exclusive data from the Goode Intelligence "Identity Verification (IDV) Market and Technology Analysis and Forecasts 2021-2026" report.



Download the White Paper: