Read how an iconic group of banking brands is looking to the future with secure, convenient biometric banking that meets robust compliance requirements.

Case Study: International Banking Group

Inside, you'll learn how an international banking brand:

  • Eliminated the need for hardware tokens and card readers, saving millions each year.
  • Satisfied all aspects of the PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirement without adding friction.
  • Moved from monolithic legacy services to agile microservices, allowing technology teams to respond faster and more flexibly to business needs.
  • Deployed a single platform for multiple brands, avoiding duplication of infrastructure while ensuring the total separation of customer data.
  • Transitioned millions of customers to a new digital banking platform with no interruption of service.
  • Enabled server-side face and voice matching for future capabilities such as passive voice recognition in the contact center and self-service re-registration for lost devices or cards.

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“It’s important for banks to satisfy PSD2 SCA with a solution that’s also going to bring in a new level of convenience for customers... It also opens the doors to a deeper relationship with that customer, including push notifications for account alerts or upsells.”

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