Complimentary Gartner® Report:
Innovation Insight for Many Flavors of Authentication Token

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Highlights from the Report:
  • One-time password (OTP) hardware tokens, and especially phone-as-a-token methods, dominate many multifactor authentication (MFA) use cases, but these methods are increasingly defeated by phishing (broadly defined) and other attacks.
  • Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) options, including Windows Hello for Business and FIDO2 security keys, that enable passwordless MFA are gaining traction for some employee use cases. But strategic adoption of these options is hampered by uneven support across use cases and the scarcity of true roaming smartphone
  • Customer MFA is complicated by the range and
    diversity of customers, the varied penetration of enabling technologies (such as smartphones and passkeys), and high-friction enrolment processes. [1]

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[1] Gartner, Innovation Insight for Many Flavors of Authentication Token, Ant Allan, James Hoover, 30 March 2023 

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