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2022 Market Guide for Identity Proofing & Affirmation

According to Gartner, "Security and risk management leaders must balance assurance needs with optimizing UX, while orchestrating multiple tools and carefully selecting vendors from a crowded market." [1]

Orchestration of Identity Proofing, Fraud Detection and User Authentication Capabilities

Highlights from the 2022 Market Guide:

  • "Making identity proofing, fraud detection and user authentication capabilities work together across the user journey can improve risk mitigation, reduce costs and boost innovation in product or service offerings, but remains challenging for organizations to execute on." [2]

  • "Balance the often competing demands of trust, compliance and UX by assessing the full range of identity proofing and affirmation capabilities, and matching these against their requirements. In many cases, a layered approach of multiple capabilities will be needed." [3]

  • "Seek differentiation between vendors by looking beyond similar-sounding accuracy claims toward features that optimize UX, support new channels and meet organizational requirements for data sovereignty and risk mitigation." [4]

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"By 2025, a global standard for portable decentralized identities will emerge in the market to address business, personal, social, societal and identity-invisible use cases."

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