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Forrester Report:

Best Practices and Trends in Voice Biometrics

Download this full report highlighting the key benefits, drivers, challenges, implementation best practices, and trends around voice biometrics—authored by two of Forrester's top identity analysts, Andras Cser and Sean Ryan.

Inside this report:

  • The 6 key drivers for implementing voice biometrics, including how voice authentication builds "identity continuity" across channels and other biometric modalities.

  • The top 4 challenges to resolve prior to implementing voice biometrics, including legal, regulatory, and privacy issues.

  • The 5 best practices for designing an effective and accurate voice biometrics architecture with optimal decisioning and low user friction.

  • 3 investment areas for the future, including greater algorithmic accuracy and cloud deployments.

  • More statistics and insights from Forrester client interviews conducted over the past twelve months

Download the Report: