In this 8-minute read, you'll learn why "adaptive" identity proofing and onboarding is the key to building customer lifetime value, and why this approach led Opus Research to name Daon a "Vendor that Matters."

White Paper: Opus Research Report

In this new Opus Research report, you'll learn:

  • How to fine-tune the onboarding process for each business unit or customer type using an "adaptive" approach to identity security.
  • How businesses in every vertical can adopt the "fintech model" for secure digital transactions and AML/KYC compliance.
  • How to make digital onboarding the first step of an "identity continuity" strategy that can extend each customer's lifespan.
  • How one of Japan’s largest financial groups used "adaptive" onboarding to conduct nearly 14 million e-KYC transactions over 15 months for Softbank, Rakuten, PayPay, and others.

Download the Report:

"Clever onboarding has a multiplier effect over time with loyal customers. Enterprise customers find that they can use the same biometric information captured during onboarding to authenticate seamlessly when they reach a contact center, log in to a mobile app or need to reset their credentials."

Dan Miller, Lead Analyst, Opus Research

Sample of Daon's Public Customers