In this 18-minute read, Goode Intelligence analysts investigate the best identity assurance practices for helping individuals build trust online while balancing security and convenience...

White Paper: The Digital Identity Problem

In this informative guide, you'll learn:

  • The key market drivers for digital identity services, including digital onboarding, age verification, AML/KYC compliance, and building trust in the sharing economy.
  • How to use corroboration, risk management, orchestration, and identity signals to improve the accuracy of identity verification and build end-to-end identity services.
  • How ongoing improvements in facial recognition algorithm performance (thanks to new developments in machine learning and deep neural networks) are impacting identity verification and liveness detection.
  • PLUS: An in-depth case study of the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs.

Download the Guide:

"We are in a state of transition where we will have a combination of old and new identity – physical ID documents and digital identity. This is where eIDV is solving an immediate problem."

David Britton, VP of Industry Solutions, Experian

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