Read how a digital banking innovator enhanced its biometric authentication performance while cutting costs and keeping the migration seamless for bank customers...

Case Study: Digital Banking Innovator

Inside, you'll learn how a leading digital bank:

  • Replaced its legacy voice biometrics system with a higher-performing and more cost-effective alternative, with zero interruption of service or impact on customers.
  • Created a seamless new customer enrollment process for capturing multiple biometrics.
  • Built, customized, and refined the app in the native language of the bank’s customer base.
  • Achieved significant cost savings on software licensing and additional savings on hardware by removing unnecessary infrastructure.
  • Paved the way for biometrics in the contact center and across other banking brands and geographies.

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“The bank was looking for flexibility. Not just a vendor, but a partner that could help it iterate versions of the enrollment process, which absolutely has to be seamless for a digital bank"

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