Read how a top-10 U.S. bank foiled cross-channel fraudsters, enhanced the contact center experience, and saved millions of dollars in the process...

Case Study: Top-10 U.S. Bank

Inside, you'll learn how one of the world's top banks:

  • Saved millions of dollars and significantly improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty metrics.
  • Scaled to 3,300 simultaneous voice authentications with average handle time reductions of 25-45 seconds.
  • Thwarted cross-channel fraud by combining FIDO-certified authentication for digital interactions with server-side voice authentication for contact center agents and the IVR system.
  • Deployed a suite of advanced anti-fraud tools, including voice replay detection and continuous voice authentication.

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"The majority of the key vendors we evaluated had some sort of tie-in with Daon, which piqued our interest. Some vendors provided an orchestration platform, but lacked capabilities in biometrics and authentication, and instead partnered with Daon to handle it. No one [else] had the contact center presence or interactive voice response expertise we needed.” 

Head of Digital Identity & Fraud | Top-10 U.S. Bank

Sample of Daon's Public Customers