Read how a leading global automaker reimagined how dealership personnel could safely and quickly help customers through the financing application process...

Case Study: Global Automotive Brand

Inside you’ll learn how the finance division of a global automotive brand:

  • Enabled car dealers to offer expedited customer service and approve car loans more quickly.
  • Allowed customers to begin the application process from the showroom floor or outside in the lot.
  • Achieved state-level compliance with requirements for financial service companies to utilize strong multi-factor authentication.
  • Leveraged pre-built connectors for easy integration with the brand's Identity & Access Management system.
  • Delivered a passwordless experience using highly secure Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standards for mobile app and web browser-based authentication.
  • Laid the groundwork for extending the same functionality to internal enterprise users, partners, suppliers, and consumers.

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“Like any bank, the auto lender needs fast access to the information to let them make a lending decision, but they also want to meet the customer where they are and keep the customer’s personal information safe.”

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