Read how the finance division of a global automotive brand paired next-level mobile security with a frictionless user experience for its 14.5 million customers...


Inside you’ll learn how a leading global auto lender:

  • Delivered expedited customer service, faster approval of car loans and other transactions, and a better mobile login experience for its millions of account holders.
  • Maintained robust performance for tens of millions of users and thousands of concurrent transactions per second.
  • Enhanced the security, speed, and convenience of finance processes, independent of the user’s personal device capabilities or limitations.
  • Achieved cross-channel readiness for easy expansion into the contact center and other channels, business lines, and use cases, for accrued ROI and operational efficiencies.
  • Future-proofed the brand’s identity investments.

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“We have to strike a right balance between operating within a regulated bank and bringing in innovation.”

Brand's Chief Information Officer 

Sample of Daon's Public Customers